Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the return


I'm back from New York and I weigh 10 lbs heavier.  Needless to say I got some stories to tell.

Here is a list of places/meals I had:

- Sushi from Taro
- breakfast at Veselka
- dinner at Around the Clock
- brunch at Chez Oscar
- take out from Egyptian Fish Market
- Oysters at Sidecar
- 4am drunk food at Emphasis 
- lunch from Bliss
- Pretzels from a street vendor
- Szechwan delivery

 and plenty of booze to make it all go down smooth.


Thursday, December 18, 2008



I'll be in New York for the holidays so you can look forward to a few posts about my big city eating adventures.

I hope to spend all my money on food and booze so there should be a lot to talk about.


too cute


Becky and I had brunch for our 2 year anniversary at Le Pain Quotidien on Larchmont. This place was too cute.  Every thing from the tables to the fresh baked bread.  If I was not there with my lady I don't even know if I could go in there. 

We split the salmon tartine and a quiche that were both delicious but honestly this joint should be reserved for puppies and babies cause it's that cute.

In conclusion, if you want to spend a little cash and have an adorable meal then this is your spot, but be careful because if you come in here alone it might make you so depressed that you kill yourself.

You've been warned

Monday, December 15, 2008



Everyone knows 2 things about me:

1 - I'm cheap

2 - I'm fat

So the lunch special at Bangkok Express fits me perfectly.  $5.50 for a huge plate that comes with rice, salad, and an egg roll. (dishes of note: mixed vegetable, pad thai, garlic shrimp)  

I love this place.  The food is good, the decor is hilarious, they deliver (but the woman answering the phone is dumb) and lets not forget the low low prices.

So if you are ever a cheap fat guy who likes thai food then this is your jam.


Monday, December 8, 2008



Normally street meat and other mobile late night snacks are reserved for the carnivores but the Taco Truck on Alvarado outside of the Von's parking lot is the best one around.  They serve up both veggie tacos and your traditional meat offerings (I hear the suadero is king). Every single one of my friends who has eaten at the 'Taco Zone' truck has loved it.

They normally arrive in the evenings and weekends and hang out till around 2am.  The food is fast, cheap and made by a team of super friendly ladies.

side note: the salsas are fantastic