Thursday, March 25, 2010



This is the only thing I ever want for breakfast.
Maybe that and a Bloody Mary.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

can't eat fancy all the time


For some reason I tired Taco Bell's new Shrimp Taco.
I also got Nachos. You know, cause if I didn't like the Taco at least I'd still have the Nachos. And the Nachos are always good.
The Shrimp Taco was alright. I guess.

How many times did I just type Nacho?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010



Did a quick meal with the lady at It's Thai. Started with some Fried Wantons and then split Panang Curry with Tofu and the Seafood Pad Thai. Both were excellent (as usual). Bold combos with the right amount of sweet and spicy. Just what I needed.

I tried taking some pics but it was too dark inside accurately capture the magic on my plate.

Easily the tastiest portion of the meal would have to be the beautiful ladies who served us. What is going on in this place? The joint was not that busy but still there were three smoking babes working the floor. Hot damn.

Don't tell my girlfriend

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

double dip


Yesterday, Becky and I ventured downtown to Loose Leaf for lunch. Build your own Salad is the name of the game. Tons of choices and nearly 44 billion different permutations. I went with the base of Mixed Greens, Tofu for my premium, added Onion, Red Pepper, Chickpeas, Olives, Tomatoes with their Avocado Dressing.
It was pretty good. It was also $10. No reason to make a special trip here but if you're in the area and you're fiending for a Cobb done just the way you like it, then enjoy.

That night we made out way to Pho Cafe in Silverlake. This joint has no sign or name on it so just play it cool like you've been there before or the regulars might kill and eat you.

A simple menu offers various Springs Rolls, Pho, Noodles and Beer. We split some crispy Rolls and each had a Pho (Veggie for me and Steak for the lady).
It was great. I love Soup in all forms and this was no exception. Add in a little Sriracha and you're in business.

About 6 minutes later.
I was done. Becky still had a ways to go.

Nice clean flavors, fast service and big ass bowls of Soup. What else could you ask for?

Bring cash

Monday, March 8, 2010

and the winner is


Last night was a solid good time. Started with some Champagne and waited for the Appetizer station to open. Overloaded a plate, cleared it and went back for more.
With my second serving, I made the switch to Beer (Amstel Light). The first offerings included Salad bar, Veggie platters, Cheese, Bread and various cold bites. The show started and Dinner was served.

There were two set ups: one Italian and one Asian/Chinese. I started with the Chinese. Mixed Vegetable Stir Fry and Sweet Glazed Shrimp. Another Amstel. Then across the ballroom for Farfelle Pesto, Cheese Ravioli, Garlic Bread and Pizza.

I let that all settle and slipped off to the restroom. A pull from the flask (Jim Beam) and we are ready for more.
A pause in eating. Another round. Then the Dessert table began service. I waited for the line to die down. Got some Creme Carmel, a piece of Cake and a cup of Coffee.

With my belly full, I took a break from the action while they presented "Best Foreign Film". Another trip to the restroom.
One last Beer. The big awards. Then ended my night with a Champagne toast to "The Hurt Locker".

Time to leave.
Overall, another good party, but the Food quality was average and the Bar was sans Liquor. If my friends and my flask weren't there then I don't know what kind of night I would have had.

At least I didn't puke.

Sunday, March 7, 2010



Tonight is Oscars. Since moving here, I have spent every year at a black tie party thrown by my alma mater. They rent out a ballroom at the Universal Hilton and do it up. Previous years have boasted an open Bar, huge dinner Buffet and valet parking all for a reasonable price.

The 2010 event has the most costly tickets yet ($40-50) and the bar will only serve Beer, Wine and Champagne. Also, the dinner used to include a Sushi bar that has since been removed from the festivities.

With each increasing year, the tickets are more money and the party gets scaled back. This may very well be my last time attending. So, to maximize my enjoyment I will eat and drink as much as humanly possible. Tune in tomorrow to read all about my efforts in gluttony.

Hopefully I don't puke and Hurt Locker takes some gold.


Monday, March 1, 2010

when you're here, you're family


A nice classy Sunday dinner at Pizza Buona.
Becky had the Linguini with Clams and Shrimp while I enjoyed the Cheese Ravioli. Each came with a Salad and Garlic Bread. Miller Lites in frosted mugs washed down everything rather nicely.

I've always loved the Pizza here, but the Pasta may be just as good. The only trouble with eating this much Italian is that it always leads to me making lots of racist jokes. Usually about Mario.

More Mario.