Monday, June 30, 2008

Stomping grounds

After the mean streets of Detroit, me and the lady flew to Chicago.

This is where I went to school and is also the home of our other poster Nick.  Additionally, my lady grew up here, went to school, and still has family in the city.

Needless to say, our trip was hectic.  We saw tons of people and had a great time.  But more importantly I finally got to enjoy two restaurants that I have been dying to try.

The first is Piece.  A New Haven style pizza joint in Wicker Park that is always packed because it offers some of the best pie (reportedly) in the city and houses top quality craft micro brews.

This spot was really hyped up so could not wait.  The lady and I went in for lunch.  We ordered:

-Spinach tomato dip (served with chips)

-a pint each of some of that famous beer

-2 small pizzas.  1 with black olives and basil and the other with fresh garlic and artichoke hearts.

Overall, the pizza was good.  Totally solid.  No real complaints.  But after waiting almost a year and half to try this place, I felt a bit let down.  Don't get me wrong.  Great beer, a good location, full bar, and good thin crust.  

I guess when it comes down to it, I'd go again but I wouldn't be all giddy about it. 

The second spot on my wish list was Kuma's Corner.  A metalhead hang out that boasts gourmet burgers  named after bands and a full bar.  Located at California and Belmont, this joint has recently become super popular and now any type of dirt bag can be found inside (not just metal bros).

I have been trying to go to Kuma's since before I moved and I every time I come back, but fate has kept us apart.  Finally, I got to go.  Me and my friend Brittany went for lunch and it was fucking great.  A had a Bloody Mary and the best veggie burger of my life.

Brittany and I each ordered different veggie burgers and then split them so we could taste as much of the menu as possible. Kuma's Menu

I ordered the Plague Bringer Burger (Roasted Garlic Mayo, Tortilla Strips, Chicago Co-Op Hot Sauce, Fresh Garlic, Pepper Jack, Sliced Jalapenos). 

Brittany got the Neurosis (Cheddar, Swiss, Sauteed Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions, Horseradish Mayo). 

The burgers are served on this amazing pretzel roll and come with great seasoned fries.  I can't say enough about this food.  Everything was perfect.  It sounds like a lot of different flavors but they all blend really well.  The Plague Bringer was better then the Neurosis but they were each the best veggie burger I have ever had.  And my meat eater friends say their regular burgers are equally amazing.

This is currently my favorite restaurant in the world.  It is as if someone took my personality and made a restaurant out of it.

-The place blasts sweet rock

-Full Bar

-The best veggie burgers ever

-Food named after my favorite obscure Metal bands.

I am headed back to Chicago soon just so I can eat there.

Hail Satan

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Long time,

I just got back from a 2 week adventure with my girlfriend.  We first flew from LA to my home city of Detroit to see my parents, old friends, and enjoy some cheap drinks.  

This trip was a blast and reminded me how much I love/miss my hometown.  There were few food experiences worth while.  That is not to say that Detroit does not have excellent food choices but I spent much of my time hanging out and seeing sights so most meals were quick and on the road.  

The one item of note is about the bar scene in Michigan.  It is awesome.  Me and the lady meet up with a few friends at a local bar and had a blast.  As we first walked into the bar we were instantly hit with strong smell of cigarette smoke (you can still smoke in public places in this state).  We make our way to the bar and order the special of the night which was Margaritas.  

They were $2 each.  That is insane. 

Despite the fact they were made with well booze, they still packed a punch and that is why I love Detroit.  Because drinks are cheap and everyone dances.  No judgements, no scene.  Just hanging out and getting shithoused. 


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


A few months ago I was at this Mexican place called 'Burrito King' (the corner of Sunset and Alvarado).  I eat at this place a lot because it is cheap, open late, and very close to my house.  This particular evening I was out with some friends and we decided to stop there are grab a quick bite after a party.  
Our food comes out the window and we dig in.  I am halfway through my #1 style Veggie Burrito when I bite down on something unnaturally chewy.  My first thought was that it must have been a piece of steak or some other gross meat that snuck into my late night dinner.  

I stopped eating and found the problem. 
It was a rubber band.  
A rubber band in my Burrito.

I did not even know how to respond. At first, I was glad it wasn't meat but then I couldn't decide if this was somehow worse.  Even though I don't eat steak, at least it is food.  Not some office supply.  

Needless to say, I took the rubber band out and finished my food.  I never told my fellow diners because I didn't want to ruin their meal.  

Since this incident, I have eaten there at least another 6 times without finding any other 'prizes' at the bottom of my food.

Good times.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

what would Jesus eat?

Hey Internet, My name is Nick Pyle.

I'm a 26 year old musician living in Chicago, Il. after years of meat consumption with short spurts of animal-guilt, i have been, for the last two years or so, a vegetarian. but unlike Bruno, i find fish and crustaceans to be loathsome, so i'm a lacto-ovo-veg (eggs and cheese. i'm not crazy). i'm going to be periodically reporting on meals that i'll be having or have had in the past on this here Food Blog that Mr. Bruno has set up. some might be thoughtful and poignant, others - like a very brief encounter with the Japanese "delicacy" Natto - will be unspeakably graphic.

i hope you enjoy me and my tales of gastronomy.

Hot Soup

My buddy Nick has joined the team and will start posting his own brand of food content.


Sunday, June 8, 2008

street food

Today was the Los Feliz Street Festival. It was crowded and hot but there was lots of food and I tired as much as I could.

Of the offerings I enjoyed:

-2 Baja Fish Tacos

-1 Roasted Ear of Sweet Corn

-A plate of Sushi w/rice and salad

-3 Shrimp and vegetable skewers

-A plastic cup full of Sierra Nevada Summer Ale 

-A bite of my friend's Carmel/Chocolate Apple.

Overall, everything was pretty good and cheap too.  My only regret is that you could not walk around with your beer (you had to drink it in a designated area).

Things to look forward to.

-My review of the Raw/Vegan restaurant 'Cru'

-The origin story of rubber band in the burrito

-and installments of my never ending quest to find the best veggie burger.

Bruno out

Friday, June 6, 2008



I love going out to eat.  It is one of my favorite things to do.  I used to spend my money on media and collecting stuff but I would much rather have an awesome dining experience then a bunch of things in my house.  That being said here is a little information about me and my eating habits.

First off, I am a vegetarian.  Well kind of.  I don't eat beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb or any other beast that walks on land or flies in the sky. But I still eat fish and seafood.  I tired cutting back but sushi is just too good and I wanted to enjoy the Californian sea monsters for a bit longer before I quit for good. 

I have also been trying to eat healthy but that is more of an on and off affair.

Lastly, I am kind of broke so most of my meals away from the house are motivated by cost and proximity.

The grade for restaurants will be done on a weird sliding scale because sometimes a midnight Burrito can be as good or better than any fancy sit down, table cloth set up.

I have some great food stories from the last year since I moved to this city and I will try and recall them as I continue to update.