Friday, August 15, 2008



I woke up around 5am and puked my brains out.  For those who don't know me well, I am a scream puker.  During a toilet hugging session, I dig deep and scrape the bottom of my guts and pull everything out.

It is loud and gross.

I returned to bed only to sleep for a few more hours before doing this dance all over again. This fight had one more round before finally ending.

I'm not sure what caused the sickness.  I did a bit of drinking but this felt different then just booze vomit.  What really sucks is that this illness canceled my trip to San Fransisco where I planned on reporting on all the delicious foods of the weekend.  Most notably, a great Falafel joint that serves up amazing sandwiches that are the size of your arm.  I first tired this place a few months ago and I was really excited about returning.

All this barfing has burned my throat.  I need to eat something but soup is all my stomach can handle.  What type of soup should I have?

Unrelated: You know it is a bad sign when your pets (in this case my cats) lay on top of you because they know you are sick.  Some weird animal way of saying that you should stay in bed and rest.

Get Well Soon

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beckard said...

look at that rallard cat