Friday, January 15, 2010

we took him there anyways


Four hungry dudes arguing about where to go. "Somewhere none of us have been". We drive and drive looking.

We pass Green Leaves on Hillhurst and declare the search is over. The place is Vegan which pleases everyone except for one, but we force him inside.

For no reason, wicked looking guitars line the walls. We sit and open the phone book sized menus. Too much to pick from. I can't decide. Send the waitress away. She comes back and I panic. Alex orders a Wrap and a bowl of Soup. Jord gets the Breakfast Burrito and some Fried Tofu to start. The Meat-eater, Forest, decides on the Pancake special and all the attention comes back to me. I end up doing the Soy Chicken Dinner.

Food comes out. Everything looks good. We say grace and dig in.

I tried some of each plate save for Alex's Wrap (greedy asshole). My food was pretty good. The fake Fried Chicken was enjoyable but a bit strange because it was almost too much like real Meat. It kinda freaked me out. Overall positive, but I need to get deeper into the menu before a full opinion can be reached.



Forest said...

I'll say this - I'm still not sold on the whole vegan food soy egg and fake bacon bits thing, but those pancakes were absolutely perfect. They were almost fried - lightly crispy. So good.

Bruno said...

good to hear