Tuesday, April 13, 2010

finest stuffed with your second finest


Becky took me to Malo for a pre B-day meal. Monday is their 'Taco Night', which offers many of their tastiest for as little as $1.

The place was jumping so we ordered a drink at the bar while we waited for a table. Half a Margarita later, we sat down with some Chips, Salsa and a big old boat of Guacamole.

The menu features 13 different Tacos. I choose one each of the following:

Grilled Vegetable Soft Taco ($1)
Potato and Chipotle Hard Shell ($1)
Soy-Rizo Soft Taco w/Onions and Cilantro ($1)
Grilled Fish Soft Taco w/Cabbage and Sour Cream ($3)

Becky ordered three total:

Eggplant and Potato Hard Shell ($1)
Ground Beef and Pickle Hard shell ($2)
Lobster Hard Shell ($5)

It was quite the feast. Each Taco is small but full of flavor. The stand outs were the Potato Chipotle and of course the Lobster. Which may be the most decadent Taco ever made. So buttery, so good. If I was an evil Millionaire, that is all I would eat.

Overall, Malo is awesome. Strong drinks, tasty bites, and goat heads on the wall. Come Tuesdays for Margarita Night or try their Brunch menu.

I just found out the Malo is owned by the same team that owns Spaceland, The Echoplex and El Prado. Those dudes got the LA hipsters dead to rights.



Roo said...

sounds yummy... and i chuckled when the evil millionaire was none other than Branson! informative as usual Bru!

Bruno said...