Thursday, February 3, 2011

cheese steaks


The meat party continues. I went to Hoagie Steak Out in Hollywood for a little taste of Philly. My buddy went with the 3 Pepper Scarface.
I opted for the Teriyaki Samurai (with Chicken add $1)
And an order of Cheese Fries to wash it all down.
These bad boys were awesome. Huge, lots of flavor and super satisfying. It's really the great Bread that makes the Steak sing. Most sandwiches start around $5.75.

If you are looking for a challenge try the Braveheart.
And in case you are wondering.
I ate it all. That Samurai didn't stand a chance.

No Leftovers


homelessgaffer said...

that orangish colored hot sauce there is awesome. so good with the fries. I have a container of it in my fridge waiting to be put to good use.

Bruno said...

Yes! That stuff rocks.