Monday, September 8, 2008

all night


Last night around 11pm Becky and I decided to go get a late bite. But what is open this late on a Sunday?  I searched the Internet for a 24 hour sushi joint but had no luck.  We finally decided on Kitchen 24 in Hollywood.  We drove over and it took 15 minutes to find parking. This is an instant drawback.  Kitchen 24 does offer valet, but seriously who pays for valet.  Maybe this guy.

We sit down and browse the huge menu that offers reinvented American Diner fair done with a gourmet twist.  All the selections sounded great from the Ahi Tuna Burger to the Salads to the Grilled cheese.  I ended up with the Fish n Chips, while Becky went with the Tomato Basil Omelet. 

We waited a bit long for the food to arrive.  In this time we took in the sleek design of the restaurant.  The vibe is a mix of retro and modern with some key stand out features like the lamp shapes made of old silver wear and the over sized back bar/counter .  

The food showed up and did not disappoint.  The fish was light and crispy and the fries were seasoned well.  The dish was rounded out with a side of slaw that did its job.  Becky's Omelet was great.  The potatoes were perfect and the portions were huge.  Breakfast is definitely this spots strong suit.  

Overall, this location was fun and boasts a deep menu.  The place is open 24 hours a day and is perfect for a post bar snack or a low key lunch.  Parking will always be an issue for that part of town, but there isn't much one can do about that.  

Side notes: Kitchen 24 has a full bar and serves booze till 2am and again starting at 6am.  The menu has a list of their signature cocktails but the "Build Your Own Blood Mary Bar" (sat & sun 9am-2pm) sounds like an amazing way to start a weekend. 


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