Friday, February 5, 2010



Sundance was a blast. Lots of stories but few food related. When we arrived in Park City we went food shopping and tried to eat at home as much as possible. Still made it out to a few spots on main street but nothing really worth commenting on. Mostly over priced bar food.

Ski communities not too big on vegetarian cuisine.

So I got most of my daily calories from alcohol.

First off, Utah has weird booze laws so when ordering Beer check the label or else you may need to have double the amount just to get the same buzz. Thankfully the elevation evens that out.

A nice find was the local brewery that makes Polygamy Porter. Their motto "Why just have one".

On the drive home, we did manage to eat at McDonald's, Subway and Taco Bell. Which is a KFC away from all four horsemen off the apocalypse.

Stay away from Wingers


Tony said...

Dude, that Winger's website is startling!

Bruno said...

I said stay away.