Tuesday, February 9, 2010

saints day


Sunday morning Alex and I picked up a keg of PBR for the game. Most of the people we invited did not show so the task was left to only a few of us to try and finish all that Beer. We put a decent dent in the barrel but after two days of boozing there seems to still be a little bit of that award winning brew left.

As mentioned earlier, the solid portion of the event was Hungry Howie's Pizza. Which was imported from Glendale. We did four pies: two Meat, one Veggie, one Cheese, plus Bread and Cheese Bread. Howie's is the hands down king of cheap Za. All that food was around $45 and it easily fed the whole group. The key to HH is the flavored crust that comes in eight varieties: Sesame, Cajun, Butter, Garlic Herb, Onion, Ranch, Original and Butter Cheese.

We did Garlic Herb, Cajun and Butter Cheese (twice). But I suggest you mix and match till you find your favorite combination.


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