Sunday, March 7, 2010



Tonight is Oscars. Since moving here, I have spent every year at a black tie party thrown by my alma mater. They rent out a ballroom at the Universal Hilton and do it up. Previous years have boasted an open Bar, huge dinner Buffet and valet parking all for a reasonable price.

The 2010 event has the most costly tickets yet ($40-50) and the bar will only serve Beer, Wine and Champagne. Also, the dinner used to include a Sushi bar that has since been removed from the festivities.

With each increasing year, the tickets are more money and the party gets scaled back. This may very well be my last time attending. So, to maximize my enjoyment I will eat and drink as much as humanly possible. Tune in tomorrow to read all about my efforts in gluttony.

Hopefully I don't puke and Hurt Locker takes some gold.


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