Sunday, June 29, 2008


Long time,

I just got back from a 2 week adventure with my girlfriend.  We first flew from LA to my home city of Detroit to see my parents, old friends, and enjoy some cheap drinks.  

This trip was a blast and reminded me how much I love/miss my hometown.  There were few food experiences worth while.  That is not to say that Detroit does not have excellent food choices but I spent much of my time hanging out and seeing sights so most meals were quick and on the road.  

The one item of note is about the bar scene in Michigan.  It is awesome.  Me and the lady meet up with a few friends at a local bar and had a blast.  As we first walked into the bar we were instantly hit with strong smell of cigarette smoke (you can still smoke in public places in this state).  We make our way to the bar and order the special of the night which was Margaritas.  

They were $2 each.  That is insane. 

Despite the fact they were made with well booze, they still packed a punch and that is why I love Detroit.  Because drinks are cheap and everyone dances.  No judgements, no scene.  Just hanging out and getting shithoused. 


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