Sunday, June 8, 2008

street food

Today was the Los Feliz Street Festival. It was crowded and hot but there was lots of food and I tired as much as I could.

Of the offerings I enjoyed:

-2 Baja Fish Tacos

-1 Roasted Ear of Sweet Corn

-A plate of Sushi w/rice and salad

-3 Shrimp and vegetable skewers

-A plastic cup full of Sierra Nevada Summer Ale 

-A bite of my friend's Carmel/Chocolate Apple.

Overall, everything was pretty good and cheap too.  My only regret is that you could not walk around with your beer (you had to drink it in a designated area).

Things to look forward to.

-My review of the Raw/Vegan restaurant 'Cru'

-The origin story of rubber band in the burrito

-and installments of my never ending quest to find the best veggie burger.

Bruno out

1 comment:

JCVR said...

I want reviews of the following places:

-Pure Luck
-M Cafe De Chaya (i'm currently working my way through the entire menu)
-Bulan Thai
-Burgers at 25 degrees and Gorosh's mythical Internet Cafe
-California Vegan Pot pie

that is all.