Saturday, January 24, 2009

pit of despair


There is a wicked snow storm up here at Mammoth and it is impossible to go anywhere. Thank god for delivery.

We found a local Pita Pit that would brave the storm.  I placed the order online and was spared the embarrassment of slurring my words to some lady on the phone. The driver arrived in 55 minutes and brought a bounty of custom  sandwiches.   See the menu is just a list of ingredients that you pick to create your own pita.

I got a Falafel with feta cheese, romaine, tomato, cucumber, green pepper, onion, black olives, and mushrooms.  Topped with tzataiki and hot sauce.  The wrap was tasty and bursting with fresh ingredients. 

Some people judge nations by the way they deal with prisoners of war. I judge places by what kind of food I can get brought to me at any-given time of the day.     

God Bless Mammoth Lakes, CA

I wonder if this Thai place delivers?


Rushie said...

Hey that's the same way i judge places!!! That's why i think the OC is wack cos you can't get food delivered after 9pm... You made me want to get a pita filled with yummy goodness!

Bruno said...

That is why New York is so sweet cause you can get anything delivered at any time. So good, so lazy.