Wednesday, January 14, 2009

see food


My older brother took me and the lady to this sushi spot in Brooklyn called Taro.  The place was small and very Japanese.  But in the good kind of way.  We ordered a few rolls, a big sushi combination and some sake.  The food was great and pretty well priced for what we had but the real stand out was the nigiri. 

During the meal, the waiter came over and gave us the deep fried head of one of the shrimps from our order.  I grabbed that thing by the eyes ball and sucked its delicious guts out.  Now I know why some people are zombies.  Cause brains is good. 

It tasted kind of like fried chicken in a greasy/crispy way.  I wish this practice was more common.  Every restaurant should deep fry the left over parts for you as an extra treat.

More please.

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