Thursday, February 12, 2009

boxed lunch


Before Fat Fish, Becky and I used to frequent Niko Niko in Los Feliz for all our raw fish needs. We returned to our old haunt for a quick meal before a movie.  We both had the Bento Box specials, which include miso soup, rice, salad, your choice of roll and sushi.  

The food was good and filled me up proper, but this place lacks the wow factor.  I don't eat flesh that often and when I do I want it to be memorable.  Like the first time a girl touches your bathing suit area.

No food boner. No dice.

That area has too many great restaurants for me to waste my time and money on 'good' sushi. 

Never again   


beckard said...

i am so saddened by this. really, i am tearing up.

Bruno said...

Why? Fat Fish is far better. You won't even miss it.