Wednesday, February 18, 2009



The other day, Becky and I went out to eat at the Mustard Seed Cafe in Los Feliz. We sat down and ordered.  I went with the grilled Salmon and Pasta while Becky opted for the Crab Cakes. Normally, I am totally confident in my selection, but as soon as our food came out I knew I made a mistake.

Don't get me wrong, the Salmon was good but Becky's plate looked incredible.  The Crab Cakes were huge and super delicious.  I had just one taste and instantly became upset.  

Her dinner was so fantastic that it nearly ruined my meal.  Every bite of my dish just reminded me that I was not eating those amazing Cakes.  A warning to other couples: don't let this happen to you. Those Crab Cakes almost destroyed our relationship.

Next time I go to the Mustard Seed, I'm going alone.

Don't wait up  

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Roo said...

i laughed out loud in the office... foodies' remorse... i never thought you would fall victim... but it had to happen eventually!! always go with the crab cakes's a rule somewhere...