Wednesday, February 25, 2009

slice me baby one more time


For a late lunch my squad and I stepped into Two Boots for a few slices.  They sell each section of their specialty pies for around $3.50.  
I got 1 piece of 'Tony Clifton' (Wild Mushrooms, Sweet Red Pepper Pesto, Vidalla Onions and Mozzarella) and 1 "Earth Mother' (Five Veggies from the garden on the whole Wheat Sicilian Crust). 

The pizza was good. I mean real good.  So good in fact that when I was done eating I still had the desire to eat more.  High quality toppings and a well made crust sets this place apart from the other options in the neighborhood.  

Two Boots has free delivery ($15 minimum), is open late on the weekends and sells happiness by the triangle.  All in all it is the best thing to happen to me since that month where I got free HBO. 

We gotta go back       


Roo said...

Wow if it's as good as Free HBO, i might even have to try it... they gotta any pizzas with meat on them?

Bruno said...

check the menu, they got all kinds of meats