Wednesday, March 18, 2009

5 alarm


The worthless area north of Los Angeles known as 'the valley' is a cultural wasteland featuring chain stores and other large franchises. Among this rubble is a culinary oasis called Chili My Soul.   

This Encino based eatery makes over 30 kinds of chili using various meats and peppers. The heat is measured on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 being the hottest).  On any given day, the restaurant makes 12-15 different kinds of their famous chili.  Check the website for today's up-to-date choices.

Of the 30 varieties, at least 5 are vegetarian and if none are spicy enough for you then you can ask to "bump-up" the heat to any number.  The 'Demon' chili is the only  level 10 on the menu and the chefs insist that you try it before they sell it to you.  

Good chili is one thing but driving to Encino for just a bowl seems retarded.  A look at the menu shows the many ways 'Chili My Soul' serves up their homemade magic.  I opted for the House Style Veggie Soul Burger with Spicy Garden Chili (bumped-up to a level 7).   This sloppy slice of heaven was so good that for a split second I contemplated moving to the valley. 

With so many types of chili and so many ways to have it (on Nachos, Hot Dogs, Fries, and Baked Potatoes) there is a seemingly endless string of possibilities.  This is definitely  a new favorite.  All I need now are some wet-naps and a ride north.

Who's coming


Roo said...

don't ever say, you thought for even a second, of moving to the valley... but a short visit for yummy food is ok!

Bruno said...

i was just hyperbolizing

Former Valley Resident said...

Yeah man, the Valley is SOOOO uncool. So void of culture and soul. So lame, no reason to travel there. Pffft. I have found that 90% of people who say this are hipster sheep who have heard their friends frown on the nasty ole Valley, so they latch on to these opinions as if they thought of them on their own. Monkey see/hear, monkey do.

Not saying this is you, but just sayin'....

You gotta know where to look. The valley is gritty, raw, sleazy, and has tremendous soul. There are tons of mom-and-pop places (HELLO! Ever been to Burbank? It's the mecca for small businesses in LA. It will blow your mind).

More immigrants and more long-term residents means better food and more of that "culture" that hipsters don't truly understand but so desperately love. Cheaper rent means less overhead = better quality and better prices = better for everybody.

Just because there is no gentrified neighborhood with "Park" at the suffix does not mean the Valley has no culture.

...and maybe it's a good thing the Valley is so fucking uncool. Maybe I can continue to eat and drink cheap and in peace, without these Silverlakian/Echoparkian masses coming in droves to experience some true "divey kitsch" they've read about in Vice Magazine.

Again, not saying this is directed to YOU specifically, dear blogger, just to the "thinkers" of this anti-Valley sentiment in general. Always remember to see and think for yourself first. :)

--Former Valley Resident