Saturday, March 21, 2009



Apparently, it is Girl Scout Cookie season.  Which is my favorite after Fall and Pilot season. One stand just appeared while I was inside a building and when I came out the cookies were all set up. I walked away with a box of Samoas (aka Carmel deLites).  I need more but I don't know where any other stands are.  If anyone sees those girls then call me.

Maybe I should just start hanging around supermarkets looking for little girls.

That sounded really bad.

I just want some Tagalongs and maybe some Thin Mints.

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Dr. and Mrs. Nick Pyle said...

a couple years ago there was a girl scout cookie sale in my office building. i had walked back in from lunch and a little girl walked up and asked if i wanted to buy some cookies.

me - "no, i'm sorry. i don't have any money with me today. i'll have to buy some next time, ok?"

gs - "DAMN IIIT!"