Wednesday, July 30, 2008



For lunch on Tuesday, I went to Round Table Pizza and enjoyed their lunch buffet.  It was $6 (drink not included) and it offered a full salad bar, bread sticks, cinnamon twists, and many different pizzas. They do the lunch buffet every Mon-Fri from 11:30am-2:00pm.

The place got pretty crowded so the pizza was moving fast.  The chef was sure to keep a meat, a cheese, and a veggie pizza out at most times but you might have to wait a minute for your favorite pie.

All in all, everything was fairly good.  The medium/pan style pizza was solid  (especially when it came straight from the oven) and the salad bar was diverse.  The ratio of quality to price was favorable so I will definitely be heading back.

Side note: The Round Table I visited had 8 different beers on tap. Total bonus.



beckard said...

the pizza that we made the other night was so much better.

Bruno said...

yeah, but there were only 8 slices. At round table I had 15 pieces for just me.

beckard said...