Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the end is near

Day 10.

My last day of the Cleanse is finally here. I am so happy to be finally done.  The next few days are a cool down where I first get to enjoy juices like orange, carrot or anything else that is raw and %100 juice.  Then I am allowed a simple vegetable soup.  The final days have me 'eating' the juices, the soup, raw fruits and vegetables.  After that I can go back to my regular diet of vodka and Taco Bell. 

It has been a long road but ultimately worth it. I lost around 11lbs and I feel healthier.  I hope to keep up my good eating habits while still indulging every once and awhile. 



s. said...

i have questions:

1.)did you do the salt flush?

2.)did you, like me, decide that it was OK to smoke weed on the master cleanse because despite being a detox diet weed still "isn't eating."

3.) i also decided kombucha wasn't eating, but that's not a question.

hi bruno!

Bruno said...

1) I did do the salt flush...gross

2) I support that choice

3) I have never had kombucha, but then again that wasn't a question