Sunday, July 6, 2008

light at the end of the tunnel

Day 7.

The cleanse is really starting to bore me.  I am drinking less and less of the lemonade stuff because it no longer appeals to me.  I felt like crap all day yesterday but this wacky experiment is almost over.  

4th of July was hard not because I could not eat but because I could not drink.  I was sitting on a roof downtown watching fireworks and all I wanted was a cold beer or a refreshing cocktail.  I as approach day 8, I can now start to reflect on this whole process.  I am still happy about doing the cleanse and I hope this can be used as a spring board into healthier eating.  My only worry is that once I go back to solid food that it will lead to a binge of consumption to make up for the painful 10 day food abstinence.  

Lastly, my thoughts have been occupied by what I should eat on my first real meal back.  I am open to suggestion.  Some ideas are: Souplantation, The Vegan Spot, In-n-Out, Frying Fish (a sushi place where the roles come out on a conveyor belt), It all sounds good to me.

Hell, I might just stay home and make a sandwich.

Must go faster.


beckard said...

frying fish all the way. you can even take your cute girlfriend with you to truly pig out.

Jon Wilcox said...

You should just let the food come to you and become a pizza escort.

I was just thinking, you've saved a lot of money on food with the cleanse, too.

Frying Fish is funny because it plays on stereotypical speech impediments in a humorous, punny way.


Jon Wilcox said...

I meant let the food come to you with you.