Friday, July 4, 2008

deeper into the mouth of madness

Day 5 of the Master Cleanse.

I am starting to go a little crazy.  Every ad I see for food looks great and I am starting to hallucinate like a character in a Bugs Bunny cartoon (I see people as giant chickens and hams that I want to eat). The hunger pains are letting up a bit, but I often get headaches or feel weak.

On the bright side, I have lost around 10lbs.  I want to keep at it, but it is getting hard.  When I think about doing it for another 5 days it sounds impossible, so I am approaching the subject matter like a recovering alcoholic.  One day at a time.

Becky, my girlfriend, read my last post and asked why a talked about pooping.  I explained to her that this is a food blog and poop is just the opposite of food.  If you looked at the word 'food' in a mirror it would almost spell the word 'poop'.  She seemed a bit embarrassed by the whole thing, but she is not one to talk because she quit the cleanse after 6 hours.  I found her on the couch eating strawberries and nutella.  

Someone should make a colored motivational bracelet that people on the cleanse can wear. Like those 'Live Strong' ones.  But maybe these would be brown and they'd say 'Poop Strong'. 

Hanging Tuff

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