Thursday, April 23, 2009



Eating is fun and easy, but making good food is a whole other story. Over the last few months I have talked a big game about several tasty projects:

- Making my own flavored Vodka (I want to try pepper)

- Pickling (Pickles, Carrots, whatever)

- Planting my Hot Pepper seeds

As of today, I have yet to start any of these experiments.  That is going to change this week!

I may start with the Vodka so I can make my 'Super Bloody Mary Sunday' dream come true. Check back for photos and status reports.



suzette. said...

once my friend cari and i went to this bistro on 28th and burnside called Tabla. i wanted to order the pickle plate, but we were sharing everthing and she didn't want it. now every time i look at her i am instantly reminded of pickles and immediately recount any and all pickle related experiences i've had that week. this is her punishment.

incidentally, Tabla has amazing coffee.

Bruno said...

I love pickles