Monday, November 15, 2010

i must be famous


Went to newly opened Kodoku for some Sushi. The menu has a deep selection of Rolls and other favorites as well as a full section of Japanese style Tapas.

Started with Miso Soups and complementary Sautéed Edamame.
So good.
Next, we had the Green Mussels.
Maybe the bite of the night.

Then things started to get serious. Spider Crab Roll.
Then, out of nowhere, a Tofu Salad appeared. The Waitress said it was from the Owner. Score.
It went perfect with the rest of the food.

Baked Lobster Roll.
Rainbow Roll.
And after all that. I ask for the bill but instead some Green Tea Ice Cream showed up.
The owner must have known about my blog. I've never had anyone bribe me to write a good review before. Well, it worked. The Lady and I feasted like kings and escaped only paying for the few Rolls and the appetizer. Can't wait to try more of the menu.

Easily purchased


Bruno said...

the ice cream looks like a tennis ball

Roo said...

I thought that ice cream was a ball of avocado... but green tea ice cream is cool too i guess... so glad you reviewed this spot... been teetering on the edge of going for months!!