Saturday, November 6, 2010



Saturday night dinner at Gobi Mongolian BBQ. Just like super chain BD's Mongolian Grill, this place lets you combine your choice of Meats and Veggies to be cooked on the giant iron grill.

Grab a bowl, ($9.95 for lunch $13.95 for dinner) pick your Proteins, Vegetables, add Noodles and try one of the Sauce combinations.
My man on the grill does the rest.
Boo ya.

My plate was good but I'm convinced that whatever you pick, it all ends up tasting the same. Lucky for them, it's a good taste.

A few notes:
This place is NOT all you can eat.
A second trip is $4 at lunch and $6 at dinner.
Also, menu claims that there is a $1.50 fee for taking leftovers home, but I don't think we were charged for that.

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