Thursday, July 23, 2009

cleanin' out my closet


At home, broke and starving.

The kitchen is a total mess.  First things first, throw away everything gross and recycle all the empty beer cans.  Next, wash at least one sink full of dishes.  Finally, take a breather and figure out something decent for lunch.  

Looking at the new situation; my options seem to be:

1. Finish my roommate's 3 day old Two Boots.

2. Cook Rice, steam Veggies and bake some Tofu.

3. Go somewhere that will let me use my credit card.

4. Eat my cat, ALF style. 

Tough call.  Each possess their own merit.

Hell.  Let's go 'all the above'



Roo said...

Not Rally!!!! Nooooooo... although she doesn't seem too concerned... bon appetit... manger du chat!! is that right?

Bruno said...