Monday, July 20, 2009

down on the corner


Lately I've been hitting up the Fruit vendor guys who are scattered throughout Echo Park.  For a few bucks you can get a delicious mix of freshly cut fruit.  I get Watermelon, Pineapple, and Cantaloupe/or Mango.  They offer to add Salt and Chili Sauce but I always turn them down in favor of a straight bag.

The cart at the corner of Sunset and Echo Park Blvd is my recent go-to.  Here small bags are $3 and large are $5.  The guy is friendly and works fast.  And if you tell him the secret phrase "the moon landing was faked" then he'll sell you weed for $10 a bag.

I love this neighborhood


Roo said...

i laughed....out loud.

Conor said...

Just drove by one of those... Was wondering about the purpose of the hot sauce. Oh yeah, I'm in LA. And the moon landing wasn't faked but everything else is.