Wednesday, July 22, 2009

deep end


Went to the Echo Park Pool today for a relaxing dip in the community watering hole.  I know this isn't directly food related but I did manage to swallow a few gulps of the pool water so I felt obligated to comment on my afternoon 'drink'. 

First off, the water had a refreshing temperature without being too cold but was totally lacking in flavor.  Instead of chlorine and urine they should season the pool with Cinnamon and other spices to give it that Horchata taste.

I think people would love it. 


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Alex Bozinovic said...

See, I prefer the late day water myself. That is when just the right amount of seasoning has escaped into the water from a day of sweaty, stinky bodies jumping in and out of the water with their tanning oils and creams really comes to a head.