Saturday, July 11, 2009

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Tons of food eaten since last post.  First and foremost, had a pie from Lucifer's Pizza.  Went with the Veggie Supremo (Feta, Sun-dried Tomato, Pesto, Olives, Red Onion, Green Pepper, Mushrooms, and Arugula) at the 'Firey' level, which is the second hottest setting and does provide a nice slow burn without being overwhelming (Unlike certain STD's).

The Pizza was good.  Robust toppings, well cooked crust, balanced sauce.  I will for sure try this place again if only to get a pie at the 'Blazing' level. 

Also, Becky and I tracked down the Coolhaus Ice Cream truck on Tweeter.  We found the truck downtown by the Art Walk.  $3.50 buys you a custom sandwich with your choice of Cream and Cookie.  I went with Mint between Chocolate Cookies while Becky had Vanilla on Chocolate Chip.

Ok the sandwich was pretty decent and I might eat it again if the vehicle appeared in front of my house on a hot day, but it is definitely not worth looking up the location and hunting it down. The hook to this mobile eatery is that the signature bites are inspired by famous Architects and Designers but this is more of a gimmick for cute names than it is a legit attempt to fuse the worlds of Architecture and Ice Cream.    

Someday a University will create a major (or double major) and will finally incorporate the beauty of well thought out construction with the delicious purity of Ice Cream.  Someday.

I'm Back.

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bee_squared said...

so disappointing..but so good! i ate the wrapper.